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Are you also into dancing? Well, if yes, then there is good news for you. The Ubisoft Paris has come up with a fantastic video-game for the dance lovers. They have created the game, keeping in mind all the features that are enough to make the dancers enticed to it. The game has become very popular amongst the folks so much that there are millions of downloads of the game.

On the platform, you can enjoy various music genres and the dance choreographies and can learn from those tracks as well. There are more than 400 hit songs on the platform to enjoy. Also, there are some of the fantastic premium hits as well in the game which you will need to unlock in the game, with the help of the coins and the premium passes.  You can get these passes in exchange for the real-life currency. However, if you don't want to spend money on these then you can take the help of Just Dance Now hack. Using it will credit you a generous amount of currencies in the game which you can enjoy the locked songs as well.


Talking about the currencies, then here there are two central funds in the game, the coins and the VIP passes.

  • The coins are endorsed in the game time by time. These lend to you in the game so you can enjoy the trial of the game and can take a move to purchase the VIP pass if you look forward to enjoying the game.nre
  • The VIP passes are the premium card in the game that is required to unlock the finest of the music genres in the game. There are two kinds of pass available in the game one for a short period that is for one day only and the second one is the one that is valid for three months or 12 months or another option is to use the Just Dance Now cheats to have access to the unlocked features for free.


Talking about the modes, then there are several modes available in the game based on the player's preference, there is even a mode that is specially designed for the kids to have fun.


The game is packed up with all the necessary elements that make it utterly appealing to the players. Here I have mentioned some of its fantastic features that will oblige you to try the game for once.

  • The game provides the players with a platform where they can enjoy the dance moves anytime with a vast no. of other players from all over the globe.
  • Hundreds of new fresh music hit for you to enjoy the party.
  • You can also make customization in the game by building your playlists in the game.
  • Your coins bar gets refilled for a specific time limit to let you enjoy the alluring features of the game. There is also an option of using the Just Dance Now hack to refill the coin bar.
  • You can also win the rewards in the various events of the game. There are always events and competitions happening in the game, participating in which the chances are that you can win the rewards as well. The prizes are based on the perfection of your dance moves in the video you have uploaded for the competition.
  • VIP passes are available to enjoy the premium number of hits as well.
  • Various modes are available in the game that you can enjoy, such as the sweat mode, the kid's mode, world dance mode, etc.

The world-mode that I have mentioned in the above list is the best mode in the game, where a large number of folks will be participating from all across the world. The players will compete among each other to get on to the first position and get the first prize.

These are some of the compelling elements in the game that are enough to take you to some other world of Dance away from the halter skater of the real world.